Aerial Photography and video production

Aerial Imaging

Photography, video, building surveys and site inspection reports


Residential Property developments – Commercial Developments – Retail Parks – Holiday resorts – Golf clubs and courses – Spa hotels – Stately homes – Historic Buildings – Schools & Colleges – Theme Parks – Weddings – Parks – Caravan Parks – Marinas – Tourist Attractions – Social Events & Concerts – Festivals

Video content

Sports events and extreme sports – Outdoor PR stunts launch events – Music videos – Wedding videos and group photos

Aerial Surveying

Precision Agriculture – Environmental Regulation and compliance -Traffic & road Surveys – Map Makers – Conservation – Surveillance, Security and Private investigation, Competitive intelligence – Search and Rescue – Disaster Relief – News Footage – Local Authorities

Aerial Inspections

Structural inspection – Construction site data – Pipeline and electrical line inspection – Roof, Building and Bridge Surveys – Wind turbine Inspection

Creative photo and video on a whole new level
Creative photo and video on a whole new level

Aerial photography and video work using our latest camera drone for high resolution photography or 4k video up to a height of 400ft opening up amazing new possibilities, angles and viewpoints on property, events, construction projects, developments and surrounding landscape. We have undergone all relevant safety training, flight and operations assessments for safe planning and implementation of any aerial projects. As well as this we have relevant insurance and public liability cover in pace up to £5,000,000 should any unforeseen incidents ever occur.
We have recently been working on aerial photography of property, country estates, holiday resorts, outdoor events and site photography as well as video of sports, track days, music videos and fashion promos. Even at low level the smooth movement and different shots that can be achieved is incredible and offers great scope for creative video as well as photos inaccessible areas and angles. Even when used handheld without propellers attached using the high quality stabilizing gimbal gives the effect of a high quality steadicam shot without half the expense and bulky gear. Click here for recent video footage

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