About us

DCIM147GOPROWe aim to bring our 12 years experience of creative photography, video and technical understanding to now offer spectacular Aerial photography and video work using the latest professional stabilized camera drone. Producing high resolution photography as well as 4k video up to a height of 400ft opening up amazing new possibilities, angles and viewpoints on property developments, holiday resorts, sports events, construction projects whilst also referencing their surrounding landscape.

Having been trialing different set ups for the last few year to find something that works well, is safe and easy to set up, we have now undergone safety training, flight and operations assessments for the safe planning, preparations and carrying out of any aerial projects.

We also have all the relevant insurance and public liability cover in pace up to £5,000,000 should any unforeseen incidents ever occur.

We have recently been involved in aerial photography of property, landscape, holiday resorts, oDCIM102GOPROutdoor events as well as video of extreme sports, music videos and fashion films.  Even at low level the smooth movement and different shots that can be achieved is incredible and offers great scope for creative video as well as photographing inaccessible areas and angles.

We can also get drone shots indoors and near people without propellers or noise attached using the high quality stabilizing gimbal attached to long pole gives the effect of a high quality crane shot without half the expense and bulky gear.

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